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Allied Industrial Products is a leading Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are proficient at manufacturing Ball Valves which are suitable for any kind of industry according to the requirement. Our Manufactured Ball valves are featured advanced technologies. Our ball valves operate through an electric actuator, pneumatic actuator & manually. Our Ball Valves are suitable for various types of media such as gas, water, steam, oil, liquid metal, and other types of liquid media.

Our featured automated Ball Valves are constructed from Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Investment casting, and Cast Steel. As per the requirement of the customer, we can make in Brass and Bronze materials ball valve too. We manufacture 2 piece design Ball Valve, 3-piece Ball Valve Flanged End, 3 way Ball Valve, Pneumatic Actuated 3-piece design Ball Valve, Handle 3 way Ball Valve Flanged End, Single piece Ball Valve Screwed End. These all types are available at leading market prices. It is easy to utilize, and quick to operate. As well as it provides low-pressure drops thus, it is advantageous to prevent the leakage of damage. Allied Industrial is good at fulfilling customer satisfaction and known as one of the leading automation valve manufacturers in India.
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