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Are you looking for an industrial valve to handle the best service applications. The Knife Edge Gate Valve is exactly what you need! Allied Industry Products is a well-known Knife Edge Gate Valve manufacturer and Exporter in Ahmedabad, India. We have marvellous production of Bi-directional and Uni-directional Knife Edge Gate Valves. It is designed according to the MSS-SP-81 standard. It is designed to provide an efficient shut-off solution for suspendable particles in a wide range of applications. The Knife Gate has a unique and advanced body and seat design that ensures a non-clogging shut-off. Which makes it a perfect choice for industrial applications.

Our manufactured Knife Edge Gate Valves are normally made from Stainless Steel. It provides Metal to Metal seats and Soft Seats. It can be operated Pneumatically and manually with handwheel too. It is typically used in pulp and paper systems, power plants, waste-water treatment plants, food and beverage plants, mining, oil and gas systems, chemical plants, steel plants, pharma systems, and slurry applications. It can work with high pressure and high temperature. With, the Knife Edge Gate Valve, you can be confident that it is engineered to withstand the most adverse circumstances and keep your operations running smoothly. Exceptionally, this valve is a smart investment for any business exploring to enhance its operations.
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