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Are you looking for an efficient Butterfly Valve Manufacturer? Allied Industrial Products makes it easier to find the one for you. We are a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Butterfly Valves in the Ahmedabad industrial market. Allied Industrial Products is one of the topmost industries that supply well-manufactured Butterfly Valves in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We make it advantageous for our customers to find the butterfly valve as per their requirements and demands according to their applications and media. Our manufactured Butterfly Valves perform excellently in all types of medium. Allied Industrial’s Butterfly valves can be operated with double-acting, single-acting Pneumatic actuators and electric actuators. Exceptionally, we provide a limit switch and a solenoid valve according to the customer’s requirement.

Our Butterfly valves are primarily used in automation plants like water systems, process industries, chemical processes, and corrosion duties even if they perform better as a protection function in the food industry, flow control systems, and hydroelectric power plants. A butterfly valve is generally constructed from Cast iron, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Ductile iron, and Cast steel. We offer a variety of valves exceptionally designed for pharmaceuticals, foods, and beverages. We have excellently manufactured Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valves, Double Flange Butterfly Valves, EPDM Rubber Seat Butterfly Valves, and Lug Type Butterfly Valves. Additionally at Allied, we can also provide valves with third-party inspection agencies.
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